I had the privilege of growing up across the street from my grandmother. She had a garden and often needed help. She would call me over, and it was my responsibility to plow the furrows, plant the seeds, hoe for weeds, and gather the produce. From her simple garden, I learned some of life’s most valuable lessons. 

Working with my grandmother taught me great lessons about being diligent, reaping what you sow (potatoes grew potatoes), reaping later than you sow, and reaping more than you sow. My grandmother modeled these lessons with her actions, but I was able to remember and apply them in my life because she took time to explain them and praised my diligence when I did them correctly. 

Grandmother also demonstrated that there were consequences for doing right and consequences for doing wrong. The consequences for doing right are always better.

I was blessed to have such a powerful character model in my life. Without my grandmother teaching and modeling good character, I know that my life could have taken a different turn. Her actions and words gave me a foundation based on good character. 

“Example isn’t another way to teach, it is the only wat to teach” —Albert Einstein