To find a true solution to any problem, you must discover and correct the root cause of the problem. Crime is no different. Crime is the result of bad character. Individuals with good character do not commit crimes! If our communities had more citizens of good character, and fewer citizens of bad character, we would have less crime! This may seem like a simplistic answer, but it directs us to the root cause of the problem and gives direction for finding a true solution. The question now becomes, “Can a community develop a culture of character that discourages crime?”

Character First has developed a methodology and materials that have been used successfully by government agencies, law enforcement, prisons, schools, families, businesses, and churches to help individuals build good character. These are the major areas of cultural influence in a community. Making Character First explains a step-by-step process for developing a culture of character in the key organizations that influence the character of a community. By working together, they can create a culture of good character and thereby reduce the crime rate in the community.